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7th July 2017 | Big Easy Tour

Hess hails Gary Player Class boot camp

Jacquin Hess feels the recently concluded boot camp for members of the Gary Player Class of 2017-18 was not only a platform to reflect on goals set out at the beginning of the programme, but it added some value to his game.

Often times it is assumed that challenges facing previously disadvantaged players are solely financial but a healthy life style, good nutrition and discipline as a professional tend play a serious role in the performance of the players. And, Hess feels, the boot camp addressed a lot more than just looking back at the first half of the year.

“For me the camp was very important,” he says, “because I always have a challenge finding the balance, especially with my body. Recovery is important and when I play many weeks in a stretch, then I must be able to balance gym and recovery and playing. And, what I eat too. We talked about nutrition as well.”

The Gary Player Class of 2017-18 is the Sunshine Tour’s main development squad for previously disadvantaged professional golfers and benefits from the longstanding and continued support of the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB), that was founded in 1999 by Mr Johann Rupert and has become the official body for golf development in South Africa, as well as the Ernie Els & Fancourt Foundation (EEFF) in the collective effort to use golf to improve the lives of disadvantaged South Africans.

And, while many other things were worked on at the Momentum World of Golf in Woodmead from June 25, the work on the actual golf also took centre-stage. Hess notes a few lessons learnt. “A lot came out of this second boot camp.

“We did some work on the swings, the putting and chipping techniques. So I am excited to see what will happen next because now we go to the Vodacom and Sun International events, but I am looking forward to them,” he says.

Two or more members of that squad have finished in the top-20 in all the BET events this season, with Hess scooping two top-10 finishes with his second spot at the Joburg City Masters and the fourth he got in Houghton this week.

Swing and club assessments, putter fittings and analyses of the players’ swing techniques, some advice on making practice count were some of the features of the boot camp. Talks were had on the role of nutrition in golf, as well as on life skills like goal-setting, creating effective resumes and marketing themselves.

Other aspects covered at the boot camp included legal advice, wealth management, mentorship, retirement and career development.