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1st August 2023 | Big Easy Tour

Transformation class receives massive boost from Taylormade

Members of the Papwa Sewgolum Class received a major boost in their quest for greatness when Taylormade Golf South Africa handed over playing equipment at the World of Golf in Woodmead this past week.

The Papwa Sewgolum Class is a Sunshine Tour initiative which provides golfers of colour more support, and as patrons of the initiative, Taylormade Golf South Africa has been among the most active in seeing this vision materialise.

Now, after a full year of the class’ existence and an initial trial of the initiative, Taylormade has once again taken the lead in support of the next cohort. In an event held at The World of Golf, seven members of that class, including four new members of the class, were handed playing equipment and clothing, among other essentials.

“Taylormade is about helping you guys play better golf,” said CEO of Morecorp, Darryl Edges, when addressing the players.  “But moreover, Taylormade wants to ensure that you are adequately equipped to be able to compete and represent yourselves well. We don’t only want to give you golf clubs; we also want to bring in sports psychologists, coaches and sports scientists to help you perform at your very best.

“Morecorp is a family and Taylormade is a family, and ours is not about you guys shooting good scores all the time because we know there are good rounds and bad rounds. We have chosen you guys because you match the values of our family. We are very proud to be associated with the Sunshine Tour through this initiative and through you guys, so grab this opportunity and use it wisely.”

Veteran campaigner on the Sunshine Tour, Irvin Mazibuko along with youngsters such as Keelan Africa, Jabulane Mabilane, Tristin Galant and the Moodley brothers, Gerard and Brandon, were among the recipients of the new golf clubs, a tour golf bag, gloves and clothing at the World of Golf.

“The truth is that most of us players of colour always felt that we were always eight shots off the pace of the other golfers,” stated Mazibuko in his speech of gratitude, “because we lacked many essential things for a golfer. Now, from last year already, when Taylormade came on board a few things changed and we felt a bit comfortable. This year things are even better and we feel like we are now just two shots behind the field and that is progress for us.

“I want to thank the Sunshine Tour for bringing these kinds of innovation for us because now with TeamTaylormade, things are moving and we are beginning to feel like the pros we are.”

Echoing Mazibuko’s sentiment, newcomer into the class, Gerard Moodley said: “We are extremely grateful because incentives like these help to level the playing field. I know my brother has been playing with clubs that were not fitted for him and to now get a new set is something special.”

Through the Papwa Sewgolum Class, the Sunshine Tour has pioneered a clear pathway for disadvantaged professional golfers in its circuit, a demographic that is not very prevalent and represented in South African golf.

Among other patrons who have thrown their support behind this Sunshine Tour transformation imperative are Investec, SuperSport, Betway, VAT It, DNI, Credit Guarantee, Cobra Puma and Taylormade.

Members of this transformation class also receive access to quality coaching, golf courses, gyms and fitness instructors at the World of Golf. They also have access to a sports psychologist and career counselling.